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Ka, like a wheel...

The Walkin Dude
16 June 1987
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26. Receptionist, aspiring author and dreamer.

I believe in many things, including ghosts, aliens, Ka, love at first sight, Frank Turner and hope.


Duncan Forbes

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a song of ice and fire, adventure time, ambient music, apatow films, apocalypse now, autophobia, autumn, axe cop, barkston, beef jerky, biffy clyro, buffy the vampire slayer, burning angel, caffee, cheese, chicken and mushroom pie, chinese food, christina hendricks, christmas, clint eastwood, clutch, comics, concept albums, creative writing, cricket, cristina scabbia, cryptozoology, dante's inferno, david lynch, deadwood, demonology, derby, doodling, doom metal, dreams, drone, dungeons & dragons, elbow, emma stone, evil clowns, experimental art, experimental music, famous serial killers, femmeslash, festivals, fields, firefly, frank turner, free roam games, game of thrones, geekery, ghost stories, ghosts, google maps, grand theft auto, h p lovecraft, halloween, haunted places, horror, hugs, jack daniels, japanese and asian horror, jewellery (on girls), kisses, kristen bell, left 4 dead, lists, lord of the rings, love, lush, lycanthropy, marvel comics, mathcore, meat, medievil, memes, metafiction, milk, minecraft, monsters, mortal kombat, my friends, mymusic, no country for old men, nottingham, opeth, penguins, peperamis, piercings, pink floyd, pocky, pokemon, post rock, post-apocalyptic fiction, preacher, pro wrestling, prog, project zero, psychology, quentin tarantino, randomly singing and dancing, red dead redemption, redheads, robot chicken, ross noble, rural life, salvex, scarborough, scarecrows, scarlett johansson, scott pilgrim, segways, sex, sleeping, stephen king, stoke rochford, stoner metal, sunn o))), sushi, talking all night, tattoos, tech metal, the boys, the clone wars, the countryside, the dark tower, the league of gentlemen, the oscars, the simpsons, the walking dead, the wire, there will be blood, thinking, threesomes, thunderstorms, timesplitters, tool, tv tropes, twiglets, twin peaks, view askew, vinyl, walking, watchmen, westerns, xbox 360, youtube, yuri, zombies